Elizabeth Hagen: an inspiring speaker, author, and storyteller extraordinaire.

Elizabeth sets out every day to empower women to live now, be present now, and be their best selves now… flaws and all. Living Perfectly.Flawed is about owning and healing past traumas, embracing life experiences, loving your current self, and uncovering the transformed version of you who is ready to arrive in your life.

Elizabeth’s step-by-step process unlocks breakthroughs for women while providing a foundation to develop deep self-worth, unshakeable faith, bold confidence, personal laser-like clarity, true connection to others, and a life successful on your own terms.

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Living Perfectly.Flawed

Elizabeth Hagen speaks truth into your reality. Her Perfectly.Flawed Process takes you through tangible, relatable steps that create breakthroughs for everyone in the room. Here is a sneak peek into the Perfectly.Flawed Process! So many women have experienced and are survivors of trauma in their life, and Elizabeth addresses this experience so you can have breakthroughs to make tangible steps forward.

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define you

Awakening yourself is the first step to understanding your values, purpose, and authenticity. In the first step, Elizabeth helps you look your past traumas in the eye and realize they are not what defines you.

be you

Understanding you and knowing you are two very different things. Elizabeth guides you through acknowledging the rules and beliefs that we abide by. Are they serving you? Do you truly understand why you do it? Or are you just going through the motions because you know you should, not because you understand why. It’s time to create new rules that serve you, not everyone else.

support you

People need people, that’s human nature. This step is all about allowing others in to offer both emotional and task-based support. You’re a survivor, but even survivors need support.

lift you

In this step, Elizabeth opens up your perspective. She challenges you to acknowledge and accept your past not only as it is, but as a gift. She helps you to release the negative implications it may have carried along with it and opens up your mind to see it in a positive light.

define you + be you + support you + lift you = LIVE YOU

You made it! Elizabeth encouraged you, inspired you, taught you, and challenged you throughout the Perfectly.Flawed Process. Now you have the steps to truly live the real, authentic you all while taking action on your dreams and living in peace, joy, and contentment.
It’s time to live as the real you… flaws and all!

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Organize with Confidence

This book provides insight into simplifying your life in ways that amplify your life. Organize with Confidence is filled with proven tools that will allow you to conquer clutter, organize like a pro, and reclaim your life.

Confidence: Now is Your Time

Elizabeth Hagen shares thirty-one stories that offer dramatic lessons she’s learned to help you start loving who you are and what you do right now. You’ll discover the peace and beauty of taking responsibility for where you are and who you want to become. You’ll learn, as she did, how to give yourself permission to be the person you were born to be.

Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth Hagen is not your “typical” midwestern speaker and storyteller. Her spunky personality and cheerful soul make her ability to connect with others irresistible. As she likes to put it, she got it from her mama. Her passion is contagious when she’s doing what she does best, speaking and teaching self-worth and confidence from the point of view of a survivor.

Elizabeth always made sure to visit her mom, who was in hospice care, at least twice a week. While driving to visit her one afternoon, Elizabeth was in a head-on collision that put her in the hospital trauma unit for seven days. As traumatizing as this was, Elizabeth describes those seven days as a blessing. Despite her injuries, she had never been so peaceful, calm, and content. She knew that everything was going to be okay and understood she needed this time to fully comprehend her need to slow down.

I was too busy trying to do everything that I didn’t do anything.” – Elizabeth Hagen

Today, Elizabeth is able to fully understand her accident was an irreplaceable part of her journey. It allowed her to slow down and to realign her passion and purpose. Once she realized this, she understood she had a story that needed to be shared. Perfectly.Flawed and full of heart and compassion, Elizabeth speaks truth and confidence to women around the world so they can see the true gift of their traumas and understand their purpose in life as a survivor.

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Elizabeth is based out of Sioux Falls, SD and Minneapolis, MN. You can also reach her by phone: (605) 310-5764