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This week I had the pleasure of giving a teleclass for the National Association of Professional Organizers New England Chapter. They could be in their warm office (on a blizzard day) and I could be in mine (on an almost blizzard day).

I gave my topic Talk Talk Talk: How to Attract Your Right-Fit Client and Know Exactly What to Say So You Erase All Their Fears in Hiring You.

I hadn’t given this talk in awhile and I don’t know why – it’s a real winner! I’d love to know if there is an interest in my list to present to you! Click here to let me know.

This presentation has a lot of great points but I think the most important one is to get really, really clear on who you want to work with and share your expertise.

I struggle with this, too. I can help so many people – how can I pick?

Speaking at the NAPO National Conference in San Diego. A room full of people I love to help!

Speaking at the NAPO National Conference in San Diego. A room full of people I love to help!

The challenge when you don’t choose is that you have no idea of where to point your marketing. Basically you then market on a ‘wing and a prayer’. How is that working for you?!

Let’s read the phrase above again – who you want to work with. Not who wants to work with you. Although, at times they may be one and the same.

But, if you could have a perfect day who would that be?

For me, with the coaching side of my business, it is professional organizers because I know that world so well and all the in-and-outs of running that business. Particularly those who are ready to embrace their gifts and grow their business. That is where the magic happens.

Who is it for you? Take a stand today!

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