Who are your peeps?

In my May 11, 2016 Wednesday Wisdom I talked about my running journey. I shared that it certainly doesn’t look pretty but I’m doing it!

SFWR-605-partyIn Sioux Falls we have a group called Sioux Falls Women Run. We have a very active Facebook page where gals will share where they are running and when and others join them. There is also a lot of support and tips given in this group.

Last week they held a party at 605 Running Company and I stopped in to meet them and donate some of my books for a raffle. Super nice gals and all about 30 years younger than me!

Recently they’ve been promoting a run that’s going to happen tonight where we get to try out some shoes from 605 Running Company. I was delighted to see the promoter specifically ask for gals with an 11+++ mile pace to join them. Well, that’s me! I’ve held out trying to run with these gals because their pace is so much faster than mine.

Kudos to Sara for reaching out to the pace group I’m in and specifically inviting us. So, I’m going to run with my new peeps tonight. It won’t be pretty but I’m doing it anyway because I know how awesome I will feel afterwards. And, who knows, I may come home with some new running shoes!

Where would we be without our peeps? People who have the same interests, passions, and care about what we love.

Are you feeling alone? You don’t have to feel this way. Be real and reach out!

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