What makes you smile?

mom-smilingWhether 2106 was awesome for you or not so much it’s time to let it go and get ready for 2017.

What would make it great for you?

As you think about this also ask yourself, “What makes me smile?”

Simple? Yes. Profound? Extremely.

If you are anything like me you are seeing that time is racing by at a rapid pace.

Why not fill your life up with what makes you smile?
There are many people and things that make me smile but at the top of the list it’s my mom. ¬†What’s yours?!


2 Responses to What makes you smile?

  1. Marc Wolfsfeld says:

    My grandchildren make me smile all the time.

  2. Rebecca Wallinga says:

    My dog, my dear companion and friend, makes me smile and laugh every day. She keeps me going, even on the cold winter days like today.

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