What gives you confidence?

As of today it had been 27 days since I had been to my Kosama gym. I am used to going every day! All of September I fought a really nasty cough and had little to no energy.

Everyone told me to stay away from working out as it would just prolong my illness.

Total bummer.

kosama-toolsI was thinking about how I have not felt like myself and my confidence was suffering.

Then I remembered a conversation I had a few years ago with another Kosama member.

We both work out every day in the 6:10 am class and we were saying how nice it is to get the workout done in the morning instead of having the guilt all day of “I should have exercised”. I then asked her if she felt better about herself after working out. Her answer was an emphatic “Yes”.

I feel the same way. I like myself better when I do what I say I’m going to do. I feel confident as I start my work day. I feel stronger when I coach my clients. My brain is more creative as I prepare for a presentation.

I plan on starting back at Kosama tomorrow. Will it be pretty? No! I will struggle but I know I’ll gain back my strength again. It will just take time.

There are many tools that go into confidence building. They may be physical tools like I use at Kosama to take care of myself. You may have other ways you create movement in your life.

There are internal tools like being grateful every day, continual learning, doing your best, etc.

What gives you confidence? One of the big ways to build confidence is by taking care of yourself.

Did that statement cause you to stop for a minute? Are you thinking “I have no time for myself?” If so, I want to give you a big hug first, but then look you straight in the eye and tell you that you must take time for yourself so you can do everything else – and in a much better frame of mind!

If you feel guilt when you think of taking care of yourself let’s stop this right now! Join me for my next teleclass “How to Beat the Guilt of Taking Care of Yourself First.

Any guilt you feel about taking time for yourself is silly!

 So many people depend on us and if we are not at our best we can’t be the best for others.  2-pink-phone(2)

Join me on Wednesday, October 12 at 6 PM EDT for the “How to Beat the Guilt of Taking Care of Yourself First27-minute teleclass. Yes, 27 minutes!

You can give yourself 27 minutes to start feeling fantastic and say good bye to guilt.

As with all of my teleclasses if you cannot make it live – no worries. Everyone who registers receives a downloadable recording.

Are you ready to do something? Find out more and let’s get rid of the guilt! 


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