What are you doing for you?

With my Kosama trainers

With my Kosama trainers

Being an entrepreneur is a unique life! We have high ‘highs’ and low ‘lows’ – all in one day. While it’s imperative we are skilled at what we do, have a great marketing plan in place, work out of an organized office, know the important tasks to do each to go grow our business, and so much more; it is just as imperative we take care of ourselves.

What are you doing just for you?

Around a year and a half ago I joined our Kosama gym. Simply put I attend – what is in my mind – a bootcamp each morning. And, I love it. Not always during the class but after I feel really good about myself.

When the low ‘lows’ happen I bounce back quickly. I feel more confident in my sales conversations. I feel stronger as I present at speaking events. I have more energy when I play with my granddaughter, Addi.

I ask you again “What are you doing just for you?” When we take care of ourselves every part of our life gets better.

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