This really happened

On July 11 I decided to write a thank you note every day for 365 days. I am so excited about this and I love doing it.

Part of why I love doing it is using the incredible cards I find at TJ Maxx. Yes, TJ Maxx. Check it out!

mom-cardOf course, I wrote a card to my mom.

As I was visiting her I asked if she had gotten my card.

Her eyes lit up and she said that she had and she loved it. In fact, she wanted to tape it to the window.

We started to look for it and it was nowhere to be found. There aren’t that many places to look in a nursing home room!

I could see she was getting upset so I told her I would just send her another one.

She wasn’t having that.

She looked up to the sky and told God that we needed help to find this very special card. When she said her ‘Amen’ my head turned toward her walker with the attached bag and I knew it was there.

I can’t explain this except for the fact that God answered her prayer immediately. I mean ‘at that moment’.

Wow! Mom just smiled.

I wonder what would happen in my life and business if I would go to God much sooner than I normally do. Do you ever wonder that?

A card may not seem like a big deal to many but for my mom, whose life has shrunk to the size of her room, it was a huge deal. God understood this.

Is it time to look up first?

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