The Complete Tickler File System

by Elizabeth Hagen
Elizabeth Hagen's Tickler File System

Is your kitchen counter or desktop covered with papers that you need to take action on?

Are you afraid you'll put them where you'll forget to do them?

Help is here!

Imagine having a home for all the papers that you keep to remind you to take some action in the future. Invitations, school forms to sign, soccer schedule to put into the calendar, etc.

Imagine what it would be like to put the paper away and on the right date it would show up to remind you!

This system has arrived!The Tickler File System does just that.

It is a place for reminders to go, and on the right date they will be there for you to take action.

The accordion file expands as you add paper.

The system also includes file labels for the daily folders you use to keep track of more paper.

You can keep the Tickler File in a drawer but I like mine out in the open in a desktop file box. I like the Translucent Desktop File from The Container Store.

The Tickler File System is where you put paper you need to take action on in the future. If you need to write a letter on the third, you put a note to yourself in the space behind the number three. If there is a paper you need to act on in a future month, you file that behind that month. When that month comes around you look through the papers and decide what day you want to act on it, and file accordingly behind the number for the date.

"I am so excited about The Tickler File System. I got the system all put together and I can attest that it is WONDERFUL!! Who knew it would be so easy to find things and not have piles of stuff on my counter?!! THANK YOU for such a wonderful idea!" Jennifer Osowski  •  Milbank, SD
Stay-at-Home Mome

Your Complete Tickler File System comes with everything you need to take control of your piles:

  • Accordion Tickler File (tabs for 1-31 and January through December)
  • Pre-printed labels for your customized Action Files
  • Reminder Form and Checklist Form
  • Audio CD Get Rid of Your Paper Piles...Once and for All! that will teach how to handle all the paper piles in your life and set up your own Command Center
  • Laminated 5f Plan™ Flyer

Some ways to get the most from
The Tickler File System:

The Complete Tickler File System is a $79 value. Purchase yours for only $57 + $9 shipping!