There’s a Confidence App for that: Gratitude

If you have any kind of smart phone you know there are a plethora of apps available for you to download and use. Probably millions!

Some of them are for fun, some are useful, and some we can totally waste our time on!

In a post last month I talked to you how cool it would be if when you get hit with self doubts and low self esteem you could touch an app on your phone and feel great.

It doesn’t work that way, of course, because your confidence apps are going to be inside you. But once you know what your confidence apps are you can easily access them when you need them. Designate a place on your body where your confidence app resides – perhaps a pulse point. The next time you start to feel low just touch you APP Place – recall your confidence app and you’ll find yourself instantly feeling confident and sure of yourself.

Really, confidence is like a roller coaster – up and down – up and down – Confidence Apps will help you stay up more than you’re down! Last month the app I asked you to install was the Forgiveness App.

This month I want to give you an app for gratitude which is very applicable since we have Thanksgiving this month!  Did you know that you are not able to complain and be thankful at the same time? It’s true – just try it!

Would you like to be more a person of gratitude than a whiner? I hope so! Here is how you start.

  • Get a beautiful journal that you just love to hold. It should have blank or lined pages. I’m serious here! Don’t just go grab some old spiral notebook – treat yourself to something special.
  • Every day set an appointment with yourself for 5 minutes to write down in your journal what you are grateful for AND what you have done that day that was a success. If you have a day that you can’t think of a success write down a previous success. But, trust me; every day you are on this earth is a success.
  • Make this a glorious habit. Once you get used to doing this you’re going to look forward to this ‘gratitude’ time each day.
  • Watch your mindshift start to happen. Your thinking is going to start being more positive and uplifting. And, you’re going to be more uplifting to others in your life.
  • It’s impossible to whine when you are being thankful. If during the day you start to focus on all that is bad grab your journal and start reading. Your day will change immediately!
  • Stuck on what to write today? Read about some past successes in your journal and your mind will open up and give you the best ideas.
  • Share your successes with supportive people in your life and ask them to share with you. A whole new dialogue is going to happen.


I am committing to writing in my gratitude journal for ____________ days.

Will you write you gratitude in the morning or the evening? _________________

On January 3, 2011 I made a commitment to write what I’m grateful every day for an entire year! Not only write what I’m grateful for but accompany it with a picture on my blog. I’m happy to say that I did this for the entire year and I love going back and seeing what I posted. You will also love going back in your journal in the future.

This is what I wrote on the 365th Day:

I have conflicting feelings today. On the one hand I feel fantastic that I made a commitment 365 days ago to post what I am grateful for every day with a picture for one year. And, I did it! On the other hand I feel like I’m leaving a good friend.

It has been wonderful each day to think back and write about what I am grateful. Were there some days that I was tired and didn’t feel like it? Yes. But I did it anyway.

Looking back I can say that this was one of the best years personally and in my business. Isn’t that interesting?

If you’d like to see some of these posts please look on the right side of this page under Categories click on ‘Days of Gratitude’.

Let me know below what you are grateful for today!

4 Responses to There’s a Confidence App for that: Gratitude

  1. Nancy says:

    Elizabeth I too enjoyed your gratitude journal blog. I looked forward to it each day. I have my journal and I try to write each day, but am going to make a commitment to DO it each day. Thanks for the kick in the pants to get going on a daily basis.

  2. Happy to give kick in the pants!

  3. Mary says:

    Elizabeth…today I am grateful for your free seminar on “Paper, Piles, and Pounds”. I attended last fall (2011)…since then I am getting more organized….but the most exciting thing is God sent me little messages and I joined the Simply Ideal Protein program with your son and have lost 80 pounds since June, 2012…..Thanks for your seminar!!!!!

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