There are lessons everywhere

I’m studying a book by Judy Carter called The Message. It’s about turning your life story into a money-making speaking career.

Sounds good to me!
One of the first exercises is called Bad Day, Good Day, Same Day.

kosama-alarmJudy asks her readers to write about a day that started off bad but ended up good. The assignment was to set an alarm for 15 minutes and write about the first 10 minutes of that day. Once we are done writing we go back to the story and pull out some life lessons.

I decided to write about the very day I was reading her book. My alarm went off at 5:45 am so I could get up in time and make it to my Kosama gym for the 6:10 am class. I had a really bad night’s sleep and I did not want to get out of bed. I lay in bed for 30 seconds debating and then swung my legs off the bed and stumbled into the bathroom.
I splashed cold water on my fast which felt fantastic and woke me up and then walked to the closet to put on my workout clothes. Funny how once I was up I didn’t feel tired anymore. I also felt very proud of myself for getting out of bed when all I wanted to do was crawl back under the covers.

I started to feel excited about doing what I had said I was going to do and not let excuses win. I got my water, phone, gym bag and off I went.

As I walked into the gym I greeted the 5 am trainer and went and claimed my spot. I have this perfect spot right under the fan which I really believe keeps me alive during the workouts!

kosama-bev-socksBev walked in with my favorite socks – Believe and Achieve. The day had turned from me being cranky and not wanting to get up to an awesome start.
When I got done writing the story and thinking about life lessons I couldn’t believe what I came up with from a very simple story. This Judy Carter is pretty smart!

Where did I start? Having every reason in the word to stay in bed but I didn’t. I got up, had a great workout, and was inspired by Bev’s socks.

What was the moment when everything changed? When my feet hit the floor.

What do I want in the story? To do what I say I’m going to do.

What obstacles got in the way of me getting what I want? I hadn’t slept well and did not want to get up.

What did I need to learn how to do? Take the 1st step and push past the excuses of why I wanted to stay in bed.

Life lessons from the story: No matter the obstacle if you take the 1st step the rest comes easier. Surprises (like Bev’s socks) are right around the corner!

What are 3 steps that we all can take to overcome obstacles?
Step #1. Make a commitment
Step #2. No matter how you feel take the 1st step.
Step #3. Do what you need to do to keep your commitment.

There are lessons everywhere. I didn’t believe the author when she said there could be life lessons from a very simple story.

What has your day been like? Take time to write it down in detail and ask yourself the questions Judy asks. You will be surprised what you learned today and now can share with your audiences!

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