Then life took first place

I am in St. Paul, MN right now on a 4-day business trip and I get to speak 3 times. Awesome!

But life took first place before I got here.

I had been preparing for my presentations weeks in advance but I knew I’d have plenty of time in the days leading up to my trip so I wasn’t too worried about getting it all done.

Then life took first place.

We got the call wmom-new-roome had been waiting for so my mom could get back to her home town. She has been in a wonderful nursing home 10 miles from her home but we both wanted to get her back home.

The call came last Thursday that a room had opened up and last weekend was spent packing up mom and getting her to her new home.

At age 92 this is no small thing emotionally or physically. As excited as mom was we needed time with her to let it all sink in.

On my end I found it amazing how one tiny lady can collect so much stuff in a small area! This picture shows mom’s new room and I am about ready to get it organized.

My preparation for my business trip was put on the back burner. But you know what? It all got done, I’m here in St. Paul ready to go, and I loved every minute helping mom with her new adventure.

Life trumps business every time. Spend some time with your loved ones this week!

2 Responses to Then life took first place

  1. Marc Wolfsfeld says:

    I can relate to this Elizabeth.

    Last June we were contacted by the Division of Family Services in the town where my daughter-in-law lived. They asked if we could shelter(not a great word) our 3 very young grandchildren for a few days until they could be placed with their dad(our son).

    We didn’t hesitate to drive the 2 hours to pick up the kids. We were told that a couple of things needed to be ironed out and it would only be a few day….

    Ten months later they are still trying to iron things out.

    Life and family come first….


  2. Elizabeth says:

    Wow, Marc. I admire you and your wife.

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