The sunshine is within you

When I would put each of my 5 children to bed I would sing the ‘You are my sunshine’ song. I must have sang that song thousands of times and I never got tired of it! I now get to sing it to my grandchildren.

The lyrics are so true. Each of my children and grandchildren are my sunshine.

Abby gave me this sign which hangs right where I can see it when I’m at my desk.

This sign reminds me of those precious nights.

It also reminds me when skies are gray where to put my focus.

When you have your own business there are sunny days and cloudy days.

Sometimes really cloudy days!

On those days I want you to remember why you started your business in the first place.

I want you to remember all the amazing things you have done for others since you started your business.

I want you to remember all the fears you have faced and overcome.

I want you to remember what you focus on you achieve. So look for the sun.

I want you to remember that You Are Your Sunshine.

If today is cloudy take time to remember. Your sunshine is within you. Your day will be sunny before you know it!

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