The firsts

addi-dance-recitalLast Sunday was Addilynn’s 1st official dance recital in a big high school gymnasium. Of course, being her grandmother, I thought she was stupendous!

What I really loved, though, was how proud she was of herself. She was tickled pink.

Speaking of firsts do you remember the

  • 1st time you drove a car?
  • 1st date?
  • 1st time attending a college class?
  • 1st time filling out your own apartment/home rental application?
  • 1st time you ate out by yourself or went to a movie by yourself?
  • 1st time on a plane?
  • 1st day on a new job or 1st time you met with a client?

Back in 2000 I remember going to my 1st organizing client’s appointment. I didn’t sleep the night before. I was nervous on the drive. I was a wreck by the time I got to the door. Guess what? It went great! Not as great as the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. time but great none the less.

Even worse than the 1st time I met with an organizing client was the 1st workshop I gave in 2001. Talk about showing up as a wreck! In both cases I gave myself a thousand reasons how to get out of the situation. But I went.

How often do we stop ourselves before the first time? We tell ourselves we can’t do this, we aren’t good enough, who are we to try this, etc.?

What a bunch of baloney.

If precious 5-year-old Addilynn can get up and dance in front of hundreds of intense parents and grandparents we can do what we fear.

What can you do for the 1st time in the next 30 days?


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