The body will follow

During one of my Kosama classes recently the amazing trainer, Bev, said “When you tell your mind what to do your body will follow”. (Bev is the gal in the green tank and green tutu. You can tell a lot about her personality from her outfit!)

I literally had to stop my workout and think about this.

How true is this?

If I lift up a kettlebell and tell myself it’s too heavy my body drops it. When I lift it up and tell myself I can do this – I do it!

After the workout I ran 3 miles and usually as I face a hill I tell myself it’s too much and I walk up at least half the hill. That day as I faced a hill I told myself I could run it much farther than before and my body followed what I told my mind.

I shaved a minute off my mile pace during that run. I couldn’t believe it!

What do you tell your mind? Whatever you tell it is extremely powerful. My run was living proof of this fact.

Let’s start telling it more of what we want than what we don’t want, ok?!

flag-half-mastDuring my run I ran by a fire station which had their flag at half-mast for the Orlando victims. I stopped and said a prayer for each family. There are so many horrific things going on in the world and it can be easy to let our mind go and stay dark. This is not what we are called to do. We are called to be a light in this world and it starts in our mind. THen our body will follow with ways to help those in need.

What are you going to tell your mind today?

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