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Day 16: 30-Day Adventure to an Incredible You

Day 16: Imagined Fears

Speaking at workshopI presented my “Organize with Confidence” workshop tonight in Sioux Falls to 30 wonderful women.  What fun!

If I had never faced my huge fear of speaking 9 years ago I would not have been in front of these women tonight. I would not have met the thousands of great people I’ve enjoyed meeting the last 9 years of speaking.  I can not imagine where my life or my business would be if I had not stood up to my fear.

This was no imagined fear. I was terrified of speaking, absolutely terrified.  But, as a stubborn, Dutch woman I was more terrified of failing at this new business I started in 2000 so  when my friend, Renee, said “Elizabeth, you need to give workshops to let people know about your expertise” I listened.  One of the best things I’ve ever done.

I heard that fear stands for Fantasized (and usually fearful) Experiences Appearing Real.  Well, that’s the truth. Most of what we fear it totally imagined.

I was thinking about things I used to fear such as giving teleclasses, traveling alone, eating along when traveling, meeting new people, being on TV and radio, etc. I’ve been able to conquer all of those fears because I first faced my fear of speaking.  I figure that if I can stand up in front of large (or even small) groups of people I can do anything!

What fear can we conquer today?!

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