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2015 Success Now: Action Step #24 – Shape Your Year

wall-calendarI love seeing my year at a glance.  On the wall by my desk is a year “At-A-Glance” wall calendar.  This is where I write in my speaking engagements, my own workshops and teleclasses, and my time off.

Time off?  For years that was not in my vocabulary.  It’s still a new term for me.  But, I know if I don’t plan it – it won’t happen.

I’ll give you a few days to get your year calendar and then schedule time to plan out the year.  When do you want your time away? What events will you hold to market your business? Plot them on the wall calendar and then put them in your daily calendar.

I purchased my calendar right before I ended up going to Denver for 2 week so a soon as I’m back I’ll be planning my year, too. I have a number of exciting events planned all ready that are just waiting to get on this calendar.

Having this calendar on the wall near your desk gives you a snapshot as the year progresses.  I want you to have at least 1-4 events each month where you are sharing your expertise to prospects.

Are you ready to shape you year and plan ahead or sit back and hope for the best?

What are you waiting for?

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