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Organization Tip of the Day

Being organized is all about systems. Being able to get ready for a trip quickly is all about systems. Here are some tips for you to implement before your next trip.

1. Have good luggage. Is the luggage you have a wedding present from 25 years ago. It’s time to upgrade! I invested in some great luggage and it has paid for itself over and over. Don’t forget luggage tags.

2. Purchase a great makeup bag or whatever it’s called for men. Mine has lots of zippered compartments and then folds up.

3. If you travel a lot get doubles of everything – makeup, shampoo, lotion, etc. Then, when it’s time for a trip, grab your makeup bag and you’re off!

4. Use a travel checklist. Not only go over it when you pack but put it in your suitcase and check it again when you leave your hotel so you don’t forget anything.

5. Give yourself enough time to pack. Most mistakes are made when you are hurrying. That’s always the time you forget the cell phone or laptop charger!!

6. Purchase a compact fold-up travel alarm clock. If the hotel just messes up once with your wake-up call you’ll understand why I take my own clock!

7. Take less. I should do this myself! I always over pack.

If you’re going to be traveling…

I travel a lot and am always looking for a great product to keep my itineraries, tickets, hotel info, receipts, etc. organized and handy.  I just found the best tool from Smead and it’s called the Travel Organizer (appropriately enough!). It has 3 sections for papers plus a smaller envelope for tickets. I love it!

I use a lot of products from Smead and I think they’re a great company and a great resource.  Go here for 2 articles:  ‘Travel Checklist’ and ‘Preparing at Work for Your Vacation’

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