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What are you putting off today?

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Day 10 of my 30-Day Commitment: Embrace time given

There’s a lot of talk about time management.  A lot! I always say that we can’t ‘manage’ our time as there are 24 hours in every day and that is not going to change. My feeling is that there is plenty of time each day if we make good choices on how we spend our time.  And a lot of time our choices aren’t that wise. That is why we can feel so desperate about our time.

Let’s get smarter. Before you decide to go check your e-mail ‘a minute’ ask yourself is it really that important right now?  Would it be smarter to finish this project and then check e-mail/Facebook/get a snack, etc.

Our pastor said a phrase tonight in church that really stuck with me – embrace time given.  What if you started embracing your time. Would you make better choices? I know I would!

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