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365 Days of Gratitude – Day 257: Ready to dig in

Have you ever gone to a conference and wondered what you really learned when you got back home?  Well, that did not happen to me this past weekend. This was my 3rd time at Mark LeBlanc’s Achiever’s Conference and I enjoyed every minute.  Not only the teaching but hanging around wonderful entrepreneurs.  I am so ready to dig in on  Monday and apply what I learned and in turn share it with my coaching clients.  I am so grateful that Mark is my business coach and trusts me to be one of his coaches in his Small Business Success Coaching Network.

What are you grateful for today?

365 Days of Gratitude – Day 9: Groups of women

Today I had the pleasure of speaking to the local BPW chapter and they were great!  They laughed at my humor which is always nice.  It was a bit hard to leave the house this morning with it being negative 4 degrees, yes, -4!  So, I’m not grateful for the weather but I’m so grateful for groups of women that meet together and want me to speak!

What are you grateful for today?

It’s Time to be Fearless!

You may read about my speaking engagements in my newsletters and think that this is no big deal for me. That it’s easy for me to get up and speak in front of audiences. Well, up until a few years ago you would have been totally wrong!

For most of my life the thought of getting up and speaking terrified me beyond belief. I was the kind of person who always sat in the back row and was extremely happy to be there! Never did I think that I would ever be a speaker.

That is until I started my business in 2000. I had known for some time how wonderful it was to live in an organized home and I wanted to share my knowledge with others. I figured that if I just told others about this new business I started that my phone would ring off the hook! It didn’t happen.

I then realized that I needed to get out and educate people on the need for organization and why they should hire me to help them. When a friend of mine offered me her spa’s meeting room so that I could hold workshops, I looked at her like she was crazy! Me, get up and speak? Absolutely not. But, I am a very determined and stubborn woman, and soon realized that this was the best option for me to let others know about my expertise.

As I started giving small workshops, something very interesting happened. Audience members not only began hiring me to help them get organized at home and work but also started asking me to speak to their groups. This was working!

I realized something else, too. By being fearless I took back control of my life and business and started making things happen. Was I scared? Of course! Was I happy that I became fearless, took action, and saw results? Absolutely!

Being fearless comes from deep within you and you can be fearless when you realize how worthwhile you are and how valuable the information is that you need to share with the world.

Fearless Organizing Assignment:

1. What do you know you need to do in your life or business to make it better? Write it down.

2. What is one action you can take toward this goal even if it scares you?

3. Do it, right now!

4. Now celebrate! You are on your way to being fearless!

Be sure and get my gift of the 10 Fearless Lessons Every Woman Must Know! and start being fearless today!

Day 21: 30-Day Adventure to an Incredible You

Day 21: Now more than ever

JW Marriott Desert Ridge ResortToday was the last day of the NSA Convention in Phoenix and I fly home tomorrow. It’s been a great 4 days! Every person that I met at the conference was extremely nice and happy to share great information.  It’s amazing that when you’re around people that you have something in common with – like speaking – that great friendships can be formed in a matter of minutes.

I had some time today to sit out on my room’s patio and enjoy the view and the hot sun.  From being at this conference and having time to think I realized that it’s time for me to come out of my comfort zone of speaking about getting organized and embrace the real story that is within me.  I’m not going to stop giving my “Organize with Confidence” presentation as this information is needed ‘now more than ever’ (a phrase I learned from David Newman today).

But I also realized that it’s time to share the defining moments in my life that got me to where I am today.  I know that this story is going to help women world wide realize that anything is possible and give them a road map to achieve all of their dreams.

I can’t wait!

Day 16: 30-Day Adventure to an Incredible You

Day 16: Imagined Fears

Speaking at workshopI presented my “Organize with Confidence” workshop tonight in Sioux Falls to 30 wonderful women.  What fun!

If I had never faced my huge fear of speaking 9 years ago I would not have been in front of these women tonight. I would not have met the thousands of great people I’ve enjoyed meeting the last 9 years of speaking.  I can not imagine where my life or my business would be if I had not stood up to my fear.

This was no imagined fear. I was terrified of speaking, absolutely terrified.  But, as a stubborn, Dutch woman I was more terrified of failing at this new business I started in 2000 so  when my friend, Renee, said “Elizabeth, you need to give workshops to let people know about your expertise” I listened.  One of the best things I’ve ever done.

I heard that fear stands for Fantasized (and usually fearful) Experiences Appearing Real.  Well, that’s the truth. Most of what we fear it totally imagined.

I was thinking about things I used to fear such as giving teleclasses, traveling alone, eating along when traveling, meeting new people, being on TV and radio, etc. I’ve been able to conquer all of those fears because I first faced my fear of speaking.  I figure that if I can stand up in front of large (or even small) groups of people I can do anything!

What fear can we conquer today?!

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