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Sweet60Success: Day 38: It’s 9 AM. Do you know where your goals are?

8-7-14-do-you-know-where-your-goals-areI don’t’ think there is anyone who has not heard a speaker at some point in their life talk about the importance of goals.  Also, the importance of writing them down.

Where are you goals? Are they written down?  Could you look at them at a moment’s notice?

If you are like most people we’ve heard the speech, thought it was good advice, even told ourself we would write down our goals – but then nothing happened.

Maybe it is time to try something different.

We understand that without a vision it’s almost impossible to achieve what we’d like in our life. It’s not hard to write out our goals.  Where we can get hung up is having them visible so we are reminded to work on them every day.

What about doing what my Kosama gym did?  They put a huge blackboard on the wall, gave us colored chalk; and away we went.

You may want to:

  • Hang a blackboard in your office
  • Make your goals your computer monitor screensaver
  • Put a small whiteboard in your kitchen


In Proverbs 29:18 we are told:  Where there is no vision; the people perish.

Let’s thrive every day by working on what is important to us, our family, and our business by keeping our goals right in front of us! S60S-logo-print-transparent-bkgrnd





It’s time to stop the overwhelm

ikeaAs an entrepreneur there are so many choices.  Our creative minds are always thinking of the next thing before we are even close to completing what we’ve already started.  We can easily feel out of control.

Our mind is like an Ikea warehouse!

I had the great idea of having a worktable in my office workroom.  Not just any worktable but one that was chest high so I wouldn’t hurt my back leaning over as I work on projects.

I didn’t even know if they existed so I went to the Google machine.  I found a blog post a woman wrote who had also wanted a worktable and figured out how to use parts from Ikea to make one.

Great!  So off to Ikea I went and the only reason I was not overwhelmed in the Ikea warehouse was because I had a plan. I knew exactly what parts I needed and was told the exact aisle and shelf the parts were on.

I felt in control.  When we feel in control in our business amazing things can happen.worktable

I brought all the parts home and enlisted the help of my husband to put it all together.  I love my worktable.

How many projects do you have out on your desk and in your mind that are in the works?  It’s time to eliminate.  Choose one.  Get what you need to see it to completion.

You will feel back in control.

I would love to know how you will take back control!  Post below.

Do you ever feel like you are going to fall over?


At a recent Kosama workout we did Yoga.  I will be the first to tell you I am extremely unlimber but I gave it my best shot.

One of our moves was to balance on one foot, arms outstretched in front of us, and the other leg extended behind us.  Not easy!  I had to keep putting my outstretched leg down so I wouldn’t fall over until the instructor told us to focus on something in front of us to keep our balance. I focused on the ‘K’ of the Kosama logo on my mat.

Once I started focusing on one thing I kept my balance.

As a business owner are you amazed about everything that is competing for your attention?

Do you find yourself at the end of the day exhausted by how busy you were but wonder ‘what exactly did I get accomplished’?

Do you ever feel out of balance between work and home life?

The best strategy to grow your business is to STOP focusing on everything and START focusing on one activity at a time.  Not activities that just keep you busy- activities that move your business forward.

Want some examples?

  • Phone calls to prospects, past and current clients
  • Research networking groups in your area and go visit to see if it is a right fit for you
  • Check into groups whose members need you and call and find out when you can give a presentation
  • Send 3 note cards a day – yes, in the mail!
  • Put together a direct mail campaign – postcard, e-mail, postcard
  • Get back in the habit of sending your monthly newsletter to stay in touch with your database
  • Offer your database a teleclass on a topic that can help their life or business


I know we need to balance QuickBooks, file our papers, organize a desk drawer, design handouts, clean out our e-mail, and write a book or eBook.  These are great tasks to do AFTER you’ve done focused tasks that make a difference in your business. Balance your day by doing what is important first.

What gives you confidence?

confidenceAfter my Kosama workout early this morning I was talking to another member.  We were saying how nice it is to get this done in the morning instead of having the guilt all day of “I should have exercised.”  I then asked her if she felt better about herself after working out.  Her answer was an emphatic “Yes!”  I feel the same way.

I like myself better when I do what I say I’m going to do.  I feel confident as I start my work day.  I feel stronger when I coach my clients. My brain is more creative as I work on preparation for my presentations.

What gives you confidence?

Do you have a ‘ring of attack’?

iStock_000002543406XSmallWhen I speak on “Organize with Confidence” I always bring up the fact that when most people organize they get distracted by things they find that belong somewhere else.

For example – you may be organizing your junk drawer and find a tool that belongs in the garage. Thinking that you are doing this organizing thing right you go to put the tool away in the garage. While you’re there you think that you might as well organize the tools! You completely forget that you were organizing the junk drawer and when you go back in the house you’re shocked at the mess you’ve left in the kitchen. But by that time you need to leave for an appointment so you shove everything back in the drawer and it’s worse than before!

This is where I teach about the Elizabeth Circle. When you organize you need to draw an imaginary circle around your feet called the Elizabeth Circle. You may not leave the circle until you are COMPLETELY done organizing that area. Have a bag marked ‘take to another area’ for items you find that belong somewhere else and bring them away AFTER you are done organizing. But after a workshop a few years ago I may have an alternate name for the Elizabeth Circle.

One of the greatest joys I have as a speaker are the emails I get after my workshops. My latest workshop was no exception as I got the best email! I thought that you would enjoy it, too, so here it is in part with her name withheld to protect the unorganized!

I just had to drop you a note and tell you how much fun I had at your seminar. True to form, I came home all inspired but this inspiration woke me at 6:00am this morning! So, I trotted downstairs, opened the “mom’s going to scream” drawer and started the process. I didn’t move my feet, I had all my tools there, I formed my “put someplace else” pile and didn’t wander from the attack zone. It was all great and wonderful …until … I came upon that one piece of paper … the memory that had to go acknowledged. It was either irony or divine intervention.

I found a printed menu from the very first night my friend (who also attended your workshop) and I hosted our “Girl’s Gourmet” night. Yes, as a group of 12 we were all professional women, some married, only one with kids and lots of time to enjoy a long dinner and lots of wine. Things change and we have changed as a group as well. We have tried cooking schools, nights out, less intense “gourmet” experiences, etc. Finally, we are all too busy and too disorganized to get together. Well, not any more.

The menu was from February 24, 2000 and so my stepping out of the ring of attack I had to call my friend. I got her voice mail and that was best … no further digression or distraction … just left her the message that in our newly organize lives, we will be hosting the 9th Anniversary of “Girls’ Gourmet” at my home and we will even be ahead of the game enough to do a fabulous menu because we won’t be distracted by the clutter and junk in our homes! So, thanks for a fun night and the wonderful reconnection with a wonderful group!

Isn’t that just the best! Notice two things – she got up at 6:00am to organize (which I find amazing!) and she changed the Elizabeth Circle to ‘the ring of attack’. I found that fascinating. I wrote her back thanking her for the email and then asked about the name change. She wrote back “I do believe that future projects will not require such intensity and I can return to the ‘Elizabeth Circle’!”

So, I now have an alternate tool to help you stay focused. If it is an area of great intensity stay in the ‘ring of attack’!

Are you ready for a new view?


I was visiting Abby in Houston and spent part of an afternoon sitting by the pool doing some writing for future blog posts and this newsletter.  Being outside, enjoying the view of the pool, and feeling the sun on my face helped my brain to start firing on all cylinders and ideas flowed freely.  Funny what can happen when I get out of my office and get outside.

I heard a loud sound, looked up, and saw a jet fly overhead. As I was looking up at the airplane from my view on the ground I started thinking about the view from an airplane. When you are at 30,000 feet looking down it’s a whole different view than when you’re on the ground.

airplane_with_borderAt 30,000 feet it’s a whole different perspective. You see a lot more of the landscape and you are detached from what’s happening on the ground.

What is your view when you are in your office?

Do you get caught up with the administrative tasks instead of the tasks that will move your business forward?

Do you keep doing the same marketing strategies even though they are not getting you the results you’d like?

When was the last time your wrote down you 30 day, 90 day, 12 month, 5 year, and 10 year goals?  When was the last time you looked at them?!

Perhaps it’s time for a new view.  Time for a 30,000 perspective.  We can be so busy working in the stuff we need to do for our business it’s hard to see the big picture.

Ready to take action?
Please take these action steps to get connected to what you really want to do in your business.  The best place to do this is out of your office.
1.     Why did you start your business in the 1st place?  Write this down in CAPITAL letters!  Is what you are doing now keeping you true to your passion or have the ‘bright shiny objects’ taken over?
2.    Make a Will-Do List:  Write down what you want to accomplish in the next 30 days, the next 90 days, the next 12 months, the next 5 years, and the next 10 years for your business (and you can included personal goals). Is what you are writing down allowing you to share your passion with others or are you writing down things that will sidetrack you?  Make sure you are writing down what you WANT to do.
3.    Put your Will-Do List in a prominent place where you can see it every day.  Put the items in your calendar as appointments to make sure you get them done.
4.    Now take action!

I’m here to help:
If you will e-mail me at Elizabeth@ElizabethHagen.com your will-do list in the next 7 days I will gift you a 30-minute phone call where I’ll review your list and give you some tips and tools to accomplish them.  I also want to make sure you are staying connected to what you really want to do and were called to do.  You are not alone as you grow your business. I want to be the angel on your shoulder!

Did you know your business is like a garage sale?


Over Labor Day weekend we moved from our home of 25 years.  A bittersweet event.

Even though I like to think that I get rid of what we don’t need things have accumulated and we decided to have a garage sale.  I hadn’t had one for 10 years and forgot the amount of work this takes!

As I thought about pricing I came up with what I thought was a genius idea. I purchased colored dot stickers with the colors meaning different prices.  I carried the stickers around the garage, made a decision on the price of each item,  and stuck on the correct colored sticker.  Pricing was a breeze!  I had signs hung around the garage explaining the pricing.

The day came for the sale and even with opening the doors 45 minutes early there were people waiting to get in.  They had seen certain items they wanted from the promotions for the sale and they had what they came for within minutes.

Those sales were SO much easier than the sales to people who came and had no goal in mind. They came to not only look but to look for the big ‘deal’.  That was when I was asked if an item marked a $1 was my lowest price. (Yes, it was!)

Have you noticed in your business when a sale is easy and takes very little time?  Have you noticed when a sale is hard and takes a lot of time?

When you are clear about what you offer and when what you offer fulfills your prospect’s goals – an easy sale is not only made but great for you and your new client.

3 steps to make selling easier:

#1:  Are you clear on what you offer your clients?

Take a look at your website, your marketing materials, and what you say when someone asks you ‘What do you do?”  Is it clear?  Does it meet a specific goal or outcome?

#2:  Do you know where those that need what you offer hang out?

Are you getting in front of those groups?  When you do are you keeping in touch with them?  As wonderful as you are we are all easily forgettable!

#3:  Have you claimed your expertise?

When someone in your area needs a professional organizer is your name first on their mind?  When someone needs a life coach is your name first on their mind?  When a group needs a speaker with your area of focus do they think of you?

If not it’s time to write your book and declare your expertise!

Ready to take action?
Set time in your calendar right now to go through the 3 steps to making selling easier.  What do you need to clear up?  What do you need to get rid of/retire?  How can you make your marketing message and materials enticing to the client you really want to help?

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