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It’s time to stop the overwhelm

ikeaAs an entrepreneur there are so many choices.  Our creative minds are always thinking of the next thing before we are even close to completing what we’ve already started.  We can easily feel out of control.

Our mind is like an Ikea warehouse!

I had the great idea of having a worktable in my office workroom.  Not just any worktable but one that was chest high so I wouldn’t hurt my back leaning over as I work on projects.

I didn’t even know if they existed so I went to the Google machine.  I found a blog post a woman wrote who had also wanted a worktable and figured out how to use parts from Ikea to make one.

Great!  So off to Ikea I went and the only reason I was not overwhelmed in the Ikea warehouse was because I had a plan. I knew exactly what parts I needed and was told the exact aisle and shelf the parts were on.

I felt in control.  When we feel in control in our business amazing things can happen.worktable

I brought all the parts home and enlisted the help of my husband to put it all together.  I love my worktable.

How many projects do you have out on your desk and in your mind that are in the works?  It’s time to eliminate.  Choose one.  Get what you need to see it to completion.

You will feel back in control.

I would love to know how you will take back control!  Post below.

Are you hanging on to what you don’t need?

Years agogolf clubs I decided it was a good idea to take up golf.  I got the pink bag and  the clubs and even joined a gals golf group.  I had golfed just a bit when I was younger but I forgot how hard this sport is -at least for me.  I gave it a good try but the most enjoyable part was when we all went out for dinner after we played.  I used to pray for rain so we could just go out to eat!

I finally gave up the sport since I didn’t enjoy it.  Last year my daughter-in-law asked if she could use them and out they went.  They had been sitting in my garage for years not being used.

Look around your office.  What is sitting there that you had the best intentions but are not using. Things like home study courses, books, magazines, binders, etc.

When you clear out what you don’t need you are then emotionally ready to be open to new business.  Try it.  I guarantee when you clean out what has become useless you will feel like a new person!

Organization Tip of the Day

You may think that you don’t have the time to get organized. I’m here to tell you that you need to make the time! The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. If you want to get more done, have more focus, feel better about yourself, and have more time then take the time to make the changes needed in your life.

Organization Tip of the Day

A common response I get when I speak is that people don’t have any time to get organized. I’m always baffled by that response. Not surprised because I hear it a lot, but baffled.

If you’re wasting time looking for things, are overwhelmed by your email inbox, can’t see the top of your desk because of all the paper piles, and constantly feel behind – what do you expect to change if you don’t take the time to do anything about these situations? I don’t get it.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results!

You have to take time to make time. Really, you do! Why don’t you try it and see if I’m right. Go to your calendar and make a 30-minute appointment for yourself in the next week. During that time just pick 75 emails, two stacks of paper or one cupboard in your house and deal with the stuff. I guarantee you’ll get more organized than you think AND the next time you look at your inbox, the top of your desk, or that cupboard you’re going to feel great that you did something which will motivate you to go on to the next area you want to organize.

Organization Tip of the Day

If you have tons of business tasks to do, most of them are probably floating around in your head causing you to feel dizzy!  Stop right now.

Start dumping your brain by writing out all of these tasks.  All of them. After you’ve written them out look at each one and ask “Will this task put me closer to the money?” If it does put a check mark by it.

Now pick 3 of those that you’ve checked and do them.  It is best if you do them first thing in the morning.

Trust me on this – write them down and pick 3. Just 3. You may think like I did for years that I’ll remember them because they are so important and I don’t need to write them down.  That is so false!  Especially as you age.

I hear from solo entrepreneurs all the time how busy they are AND how unhappy they are with how their business is doing. It’s because they are busy doing nothing. 3 a day!

Organization Tip of the Day

Having a system for anything you do takes the guess work away which save time, stress, energy, money, you name it!

Take the time to figure out what you don’t have systems for and put them in place.  Yes, it takes time but will save you so much time in the long run. You will feel so much better about yourself and your work when you are more productive.

Organization Tip of the Day

Our brain can only work on one thing at a time. If you’re working on 3-4 projects your brain has to start over every time you jump to another project.

I want you to try something different today. Pick one thing to work on, yes, one. Preferably the most important task of the day and if you have trouble picking ask yourself ‘what will put me closest to the money?’ That makes it really easy to pick the project.

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