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2015 Success Now: Action Step #26 – Simplify the Search

file-foldersI’m curious if your ‘to file’ pile may be as high as your filing cabinet!

Did you know that 80% of what you file you never look at again? We keep way too much paper.

When you have a good filing system set up life at work and home gets so much better.

I’m not going to ask you to clean out your entire file cabinet today. I just want you to start with 10 folders. Yes, just 10.

Take 10 out right now and go through them with a skeptical eye. Do you REALLY need to keep the papers? If so, would a different label make more sense?

If you are not sure how long to keep certain documents here is a link to a great paper retention guide that may help you toss/recycle/shred what you don’t need to keep.

Tomorrow do another 10, and 10 the next day, and so on until you have gone through your entire file system. The next time you either need to file or find a paper you will thank yourself (and me!) for doing what may be a very boring task. Personally, I love going through file cabinets and getting good systems set up. But, that’s me! You can do this.

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2015 Success Now: Action Step #24 – Shape Your Year

wall-calendarI love seeing my year at a glance.  On the wall by my desk is a year “At-A-Glance” wall calendar.  This is where I write in my speaking engagements, my own workshops and teleclasses, and my time off.

Time off?  For years that was not in my vocabulary.  It’s still a new term for me.  But, I know if I don’t plan it – it won’t happen.

I’ll give you a few days to get your year calendar and then schedule time to plan out the year.  When do you want your time away? What events will you hold to market your business? Plot them on the wall calendar and then put them in your daily calendar.

I purchased my calendar right before I ended up going to Denver for 2 week so a soon as I’m back I’ll be planning my year, too. I have a number of exciting events planned all ready that are just waiting to get on this calendar.

Having this calendar on the wall near your desk gives you a snapshot as the year progresses.  I want you to have at least 1-4 events each month where you are sharing your expertise to prospects.

Are you ready to shape you year and plan ahead or sit back and hope for the best?

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2015 Success Now: Action Step #23 -Save Your Worries

laptop-hospitalDo you know your computer will crash at some point?  It’s not if; it’s when.

This can cause a lot of worry. Unnecessary worry.

If you don’t have a backup system in place please stop what you are doing right now and take care of it.My online suggestion is online suggestion is Carbonite. Very easy to set up.

You also want a local backup.  I have the most amazing computer guy who takes very good care of me and my electronics and he connected an external hard drive to my computer which automatically takes care of my backups, also.

Because I have these backup systems in place I don’t worry. As I was away from my office for over 13 days and working on my laptop from Emily’s hospital room I was grateful for one less thing for which I had to be concerned.

Worry does nothing besides cause stress.  Who needs more of that?!

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2015 Success Now: Action Step #20 – Shake it Out

bookcaseToday is the perfect day to make the decision to leave the past where it belongs – in the trash or recycle bin.

Go to that place (you know where it is) where you have stored all of those cassette-tape courses, trainings on VCR’s, home study courses of topics you could care less about and get them out.

Believe it or not they are holding you back.  You may have them stored in bins in the back of your storage room, hidden in your bookcase, or under your bed but they still hold you back.

Maybe they were worth the money; maybe they weren’t. Maybe you actually read the material; maybe you didn’t. Maybe you applied what you learned to your business; maybe you didn’t.

Doesn’t matter. If it will not serve you in 2015 – get it out.

Need some dancing music while you work?  Listen to Taylor Swift.

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2015 Success Now: Action Step #18 – Super-size It

two-screens-3My life changed forever the day I super-sized my office and went from one computer screen to two screens.

It’s hard to explain until you do this why this is such a big deal but with two screens comes increased productivity and focus.

On the main screen I have up what I am working on and on the second screen I have my calendar, Numbers Tracking Tool, My Focus Tool, Quick Books and my contact database system up.

This way I stay focused on one thing but have other items handy at a glance without minimizing what I’m working on. This helps me stay totally focused on one thing at a time which helps me get more done…faster.

This past week I’ve been out of town working from my laptop and I miss my two screens! Everything seems so much slower.

Get two screens; change your life,

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2015 Success Now: Action Step #15 – Save for Later

Having a shredder is a wonderful idea.  Using it is even better!

I used to always have a big pile of papers to shred on the floor by my shredder until I would take the time to shred.

Drove me nuts.

shredderI needed a system. I wanted to have a place to keep the papers I wanted to shred but out of sight.
I discovered the most amazing tool for my new system – Post-it Wall Pockets. Simply wonderful!!

I placed the Post-It Wall Pocket on the side of my desk by my shredder and put paper I want to shred in the pocket.   The papers are there when I’m ready.  No more piles.

We all know we should not toss papers with personal information but sometimes it’s easier to toss/recycle than to take the time to shred.  Not anymore!  Set up your own shredding system and you are good to go.

It’s ok to save things for later when you have a system.  Systems make everything easier in your business.  This is an easy one to set up and then we are ready to tackle a bigger one!

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2015 Success Now: Action Step #3 – Seize the Cards

biz-cardEver have someone call you and you wonder where on earth you met them?  Or, what company there are with?  Or, what you last talked about with them?

Today, not tomorrow, today is the day to seize all of those business cards, post-it notes with names and phone numbers, napkins and scraps of paper with information from people you’ve met that you have on your desk, in your desk, in the purse, in the car – wherever!

Now that they are all in one place take 10 of them.  Yes, just 10.

Open up your contact database system and enter them and add as much information as you can remember about the person. What is most important as you enter their information is to categorize them immediately. Examples of categories are prospects, clients, past clients, etc.  When you do this it makes following up with segments of your database as easy as can be.

Do not wait any longer.  Why? Because they don’t need you 3 months from now.  They need to hear from you now.

Tomorrow enter another 10.  The next day another 10.

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