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365 Days of Gratitude – Day 39: Long-time friends

Bruce and I moved to Sioux Falls 22.5 years ago when Chris was 7, Emily was 5, Abby was 4, and Sean was 2.  We started going to 1st Baptist right away and I think the first week we were here I attended the Mom’s Morning Out program at church.  Wendy was there.  Something about her clicked with me and I knew I wanted to be her friend.  And we were and we did. For over 22 years.  I am so grateful for Wendy. We’ve both had a lot happen the last 22 years and have been there for each other. Wendy is the kind of person who always has the right thing to say.  It’s a gift! Today we went out for lunch for her birthday like we’ve done the last 22 years and I hope for the next 22!

What are you grateful for today?

Day 16 of my 30-Day Commitment: Knew you when

Leon and Bruce and no, they did not intentionally dress alike!

My husband’s best friend from high school is visiting this weekend. He comes up to Sioux Falls every year for Jazzfest.  They have a blast sitting outside at the park and listening to great music for a few days.

I call them the ‘2 wild and crazy guys’! It really is fun to see them together. There’s just something about connecting with someone who ‘knew you when’.  A real comfort level.

I have that when I talk with my cousin, Cathy. We can not talk for months and then start right up where we left off.  There is history. Very cool.

Who can you reconnect with from the past?

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