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Confidence Tip of the Day

Do you notice that whenever you think of doing something out of your comfort zone you feel fear?

It may be just a touch or a LOT of fear. But chances are your fear is totally groundless.

Fear stands for:

Fantasized and often Frightful

Confidence Tip of the Day

Perhaps you’ve tried to get organized before and it didn’t work and now you fear trying again.

STOP that feeling! You can do this.

Face your fear and do it anyway!

Confidence Tip of the Day

To me fearless is a feeling that comes from deep within you and you can be fearless when you realize how worthwhile you are and how valuable the information is that you need to share with the world.

Organization Tip of the Day

Fearless organizing is not about not having any fear – it is s feeling the fear and moving through it and not letting it stop you. This is a very exciting feeling!

Fearless organizing is all about making a decision, taking action, and staying focused. This may sound like common sense but you’d be surprised by how difficult many people find this process to be.

Confidence Tip of the Day

Whether you already see yourself as fearless (and are just reading for more insights), whether your fearlessness “comes and goes” or whether being fearless is just now becoming a possibility for you—that’s the perfect place for you to be. Whatever is true for you—is true for you. You’re wonderful right now.

Confidence Tip of the Day

In working with hundreds of clients and presenting to thousands of professionals across the country, the consistent theme I hear from them is that they have a lot of fear around getting organized.

Fear that they can’t do it, fear because they’ve already tried and failed, and fear that they’ll get rid of something that they later realize was essential and THEN WHAT?!!

But the biggest fear is that they don’t know how to start. As I tell my clients, how you start isn’t important. Simply getting started is the key!

It’s not a fear…it’s an adventure!

Two years ago I was going to speak at a conference in Atlanta.  One of the members of the association I was going to speak for invited me to stay in her house to get a ‘true Atlanta experience’. Very cool. But her next line in the e-mail filled me with horror.  She said “When you get to the airport hop on the Marta train and I’ll pick you up at a spot near my home.”  My first thought was “What in the world is a Marta train?” My next thought was “I’ve never been on a train and the thought of doing this scares me to death.”

I went and told my husband about this and he looked at me with a big smile and said “That sounds like a LOT of fun!  In fact, it sounds like an adventure.”

Hmmmmm.  An adventure.  What a new perspective to use instead of having fears.  What if whenever I face a fear I stop thinking of how afraid this makes me feel and I ask myself “If I would look upon this as an adventure, what would I do?”  This changes everything.

So I looked upon this Marta train experience as an adventure.  I kept a very positive attitude until I got on the train.  When I sat down I let go of my wheeled luggage to call my new friend so she’d know what time to pick me up at the train spot.  The minute I reached into my purse for my phone the train took off like a speeding bullet.  My luggage also took off and flew down to the end of the train!

Oh no.  Now what? I looked around for a sign with the rules.  There were no rules. Is it ok to get out of my seat?  I didn’t know but I couldn’t leave the luggage down at the end of the train. I got up and as I was running through the train in my heels to save my luggage I looked at every person that I passed and said “It’s my first time on the train. It’s my first time on the train.”  Of course, they thought this was hilarious.

Well, looking upon this as an adventure helped me with my fears but it did not stop me from looking foolish! But, that’s ok.  The important thing is to face our fears no matter what happens!

What fear can you turn into an adventure?  How will this change your perception?  Will you now face your fear and do it?!

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