Sweet60Success: Day 6: A time to chill

7-6-14-a-time-to-chillI’ll admit it. I’m a workaholic.  Of course, I add after that statement..in the nicest way possible!

But, truth be told, I spend a lot of time in my office along with traveling, giving presentations, etc.

I know I need more chill time in my life. The other day I did just that – for an entire day I sat by a lake and did nothing business wise.  But, lots personal wise.  Talked with my family, ate fun treats, napped, and people watched.  A great day!

What about you?   Do you incorporate chill time in your week’s schedule?  It is so easy to say we are going to take time away from work but harder to actually do it. I know I felt very refreshed back in my office after my relaxing day.  Are you in need of a day to chill?  What about scheduling this weekly? I am!




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