Sweet60Success: Day 59: I wanna hold your hand

8-28-14-i-wanna-hold-your-handEvery chance I get I spend time with my mom.  Every chance she gets she holds my hand.

Interesting how roles have reversed.  She held my hand as a young child to keep me safe.  I now hold her hand to support her and keep her safe.

I don’t care how old we are or at what level we are in our business – it’s nice to hold someone’s hand and it’s awesome to have our hand held.

Every day when you work with your clients and make their lives better you are holding their hand.

Every day when I work with my business coaching clients or inspire women in my presentations I am holding their hand.

Are you at a place in your business that you’d like to have accountability and support? I’d love to hold your hand!

Yeah, you’ve got that something
I think you’ll understand
When I’ll say that something
I wanna hold your hand. ~~The Beatles


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  1. GRenee says:

    I so have enjoyed your Sweet 60 Success! Only one more day– I will miss these daily posts!

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