Sweet60Success: Day 56: It’s pretty obvious

8-25-14-isnt-it-obviousOn the bike trail I came upon a sign letting me know a curve was coming up. I could see the curve before I saw the sign. It was pretty obvious what was going to happen.

But, it was also a sunny day and I could easily see the path.

What if it was foggy or dark? Then this sign would come in very handy.

When things are going well in your business it’s easy to think about your next steps and know what to do. It’s a clear day.

On days when things aren’t going well and it seems like no one wants to work with you the next steps are not clear at all. In fact, everything seems pretty foggy.

This is why it is imperative you have your marketing plan and goals written down. Then it’s obvious what next steps to take to move your business forward even on a day when you may feel unclear.

Is it time for you to post some obvious signs in your business so you stay on track – especially on the foggy days?


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