Sweet60Success: Day 54: You don’t want to go there

8-23-14-you-dont-want-to-go-thereWhenever I see a ‘dead end’ sign I always go a bit further to see if it is telling me the truth!  It always is.

Too bad there aren’t ‘dead end’ signs that pop up in our life.

A dead end is when:

  • Your thoughts tell you that you are not capable
  • You pick up the phone to call a prospect and you tell yourself “she probably is too busy” or “she won’t need me” so you hand up the phone
  • You feel others know more than you so why would a group want to hear you speak
  • You are afraid to invest in your business
  • You back down when your opinion should be heard
  • You decide to start a monthly newsletter or weekly blog posts and then tell yourself your articles and posts are not good enough.

These are all dead ends and get you nowhere. You don’t want to go there.

The next time a dead end thought enters your mind walk away. Get on a new path.





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