Sweet60Success: Day 51: Go back to what worked

8-20-14-go-back-to-what-workedOver 20 years ago we purchased a time share at Village West in Okoboji, IA.  For years we had the best week each summer with our kids at the lake. Our week was right before school started and it was perfect.  A wonderful way to end the summer.

Then the ‘powers that be’ decided to move school up a week.  About that time we started having kids go off to college and that was often the week we were moving them. There were a few years where we rented our week out or just didn’t use it.

Now that the kids are grown we are back!  The kids all take turns using it and this year it worked out that Bruce and I could be up here more than we have in recent years.

We are enjoying every minute.  As I was sitting on the beach today I remembered all the fun times we had making sand castles, swimming, riding the jet ski, etc.

All the vacations we had over the years on the beach worked.  I had forgotten how it had worked.

In business it is easy to forget about what has worked in the past.  So often we always look for the ‘new’ way to market, the ‘new’ app to manage our to-do list, or the ‘new’ guru who is going to change everything for us.

Look back.  What worked before will work again.


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  1. Ola says:

    great post, Elizabeth! and beautiful picture…

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