Sweet60Success: Day 5: Sometimes it’s good to hold hands

7-5-14-hold-handsI love holding hands with our granddaughter, Addilynn.  This gives a sense of security to her and to me.

If she hears a barking dog; she clenches tighter.  If a lout motorcycle goes by; she clenches tighter. If a car starts honking; she clenches tighter.  The world can be a scary place – but not when your hand is being held.

As you work with your clients you are essentially holding their hand through the process.  And, they love it!

I’m curious – is your hand being held?  As an entrepreneur we face fears every day.  Some days we walk through with courage and some days our fears keep us paralyzed.

I  have worked with my business coach for years and I will never be without him.  He has helped me walk through countless challenges, fears, opportunities, and successes.

Sometimes it’s good to hold hands.  Who is holding yours?

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