Sweet60Success: Day 48: A new view

8-17-14-an-amazing-viewI spend a lot of time in my home office. I have a great office and I love it but sometimes my mind feels stuck from being in the same place every day.  It’s then time to have a new view.

If it’s a gorgeous day I sit out on my front porch.  I feel content, peaceful, and it’s amazing how challenges become solved as I let myself just ‘be’.

When I work with my fantastic coaching clients I give them a new view for their business:

V – I  make sure they are heading in the right direction and help them create a vision of where they can take their business.

I – Secondly, together we brainstorm ideas and action steps they can take to get their telephone to ring and general more referrals.

E -Third, I make sure we are capitalizing on their experiences and expertise and make the best use of their gifts and talents.

W – Last (but not least!), once they are focused and on track I help them create a new way of running their business and give them a path and a plan for generating more business.

Do you feel the need for a new view? Is it time to get out of the ‘same-o same-o’ you may be feeling and start moving forward?

A new view may be just what you need!



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