Sweet60Success: Day 45: It truly is up to you

8-14-14-it-truly-is-up-to-meYears ago I really, I mean really, thought Oprah was going to discover me and all would be well. I would be on her show, sell millions of my books, and have clients lined up for miles to work with me. I even found a picture of Oprah and inserted my picture as her guest!

I would market my business, but half heartedly, because Oprah was my ticket for the future.

One day my business coach said to me “Elizabeth, you will never be discovered by Oprah.”  Ouch!  But, he was right.  Okay, there is always a slight chance it could happen but by counting on this one-in-a-million chance I was limiting my business.

I decided that day that it was up to me to become a success story.

My friend, Chuck Inman, gave me this quote by Brian Tracy – The starting point of maturity is the realization that no one is coming to the rescue.  Everything you are and everything you will be is entirely up to you.

It truly is up to you. If you are waiting for anyone to save you – it may be a long wait.  What can you do today to take a step toward your success?




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