Sweet60Success: Day 41: Sometimes it takes a push

8-10-14-somtimes-it-takes-a-pushThe reason I am a speaker today is because of Renee Smith.  Over 14 years ago she encouraged me (well, she pushed me!) to give my first workshop.

I can’t begin to tell you how terrified I was as I prepared for the event and when I gave the talk.  But, Renee was right.  After the workshop an amazing woman came up to me and hired me on the spot.

Your comfort zone may feel comfortable. But, it’s not.  It’s actually a discomfort zone.  While leaving the zone may feel scary so many exciting things are outside your comfort zone.

What one step can you take today to put your foot outside your zone? Perhaps you need to ask someone to push you.  It’s time to step through the fear to the other side. It’s beautiful here!

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