Sweet60Success: Day 30: What do you see?

7-30-14-what-do-you-seeAbby and I took Addilynn to the park and she was looking through a periscope.  Abby ran up the hill behind the play structure so Addi could see her.  As Addi looked through the lens she  kept asking “Where is Abby?”  I checked out the periscope and the lens was really dirty.  We could barely see Abby.

I love receiving my “Success” magazines and the publisher and founding editor is Darren Hardy.  Today he sent an e-mail and wrote: Imagine a race between 3 people to complete a 1,000 piece puzzle.  Person #1 is given one with the picture on the box.  Person #2 is given one with the box but no picture on it.  Person #3 is given the box with the wrong picture on it.  Who will win?  Of course, person #1.  You need a clear picture (vision) to complete the vision of your life.

What do you see when you look at the picture of your life?

Is your vision clear for your life or muddy?  Is it time to envision your most important goals?  If so, write them down…now –  and think about how your life will be when you achieve your vision.  Now is the time for clarity; not a dirty periscope!

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