Sweet60Success: Day 20: It’s no big deal

7-20-14-its-no-big-thingI looked out my patio door and could not believe what I saw.  Two men calmly walking all over our neighbor’s roof.  Like it was no big deal.  I pictured myself on the roof and started feeling terrified just thinking about it.

These guys inspect roofs for hail damage.  This is what they do every day.  It may seem like a big deal to me; but it’s not to them.

So many of my business coaching clients and prospects express to me that what they do for others is no big deal.  Anyone could do it.  They have trouble pricing their services for what they are worth because of that belief.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Just because what we do is no big deal to us does not mean what we do is not a HUGE deal for someone else.

It’s time to truly value your gifts and be proud to tell others how you can help them.  What you do is a big deal! Bigger than you can imagine.  Your gifts, talents, and skills help others have a better life.

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