Success Plus! Extraordinary Women. Extraordinary Gathering.


The one place you need to be
in 2016 is Sioux Falls, SD on October 14-16!!

Why, you ask?!

Because these are the days to a bigger business, a more extraordinary life for you, and amazing new-found confidence in your work and life. And, who doesn't want that?!

Spend a weekend with Elizabeth Hagen at this 3-day LIVE event and find out what you need to know and need to do in order to grow your business. You will be given all the secrets and steps to become well known in your area, market yourself and have fun at the same time, get more done in your business every day, attract wonderful clients, and make more money!

I'm so glad you made it to this page because that means you're looking for a way to grow your business and make something great happen in your work and life. Welcome!

I'm going to tell you immediately this is not your normal sales page for an event. It's not long, it's not filled with loads of testimonials, it's not filled with an overwhelming array of bonuses, and it's not going to ask you to "REGISTER NOW" ten times!

The reason this page is different is because I don't do things like others. I've tried to be like everyone else in the past and it didn't work for which I am very grateful!

I'm not here to sell you on attending my SuccessPlus 2016 event. I'm here to invite you to join me and other amazing women entrepreneurs who want to get more focused, attract more prospects, have amazing clients hire you, and ultimately create a path and a plan for generating more business! I want this for you because when this happens you are helping more people have a better life.

Chances are you are here because you know me, you've heard me speak, and you've been a part of my life in some form or fashion. If that's the case then you know I will not only deliver what I promise but I only surround myself with the best people. Because of this you are going to meet other wonderful women and leave the weekend with new friends for life.

Friday, October 14, 2016 to Sunday, October 16, 2016 will be your time to:

If you are a woman entrepreneur who is ready to create a turning point in the direction of your dream and expand your possibilities in both business and life....this weekend is for you!

If you answered "Yes!" to ANY of these questions and you want to breathe new life into your business—then you must join me at SuccessPlus 2016.

Photo of Elizabeth Hagen

I'm Elizabeth Hagen, your SavvyBIZ confidence coach,
and I want to invite you to a very special event. During this weekend experience I will share the exact steps I took to go from a stay-at-home mom to building a successful six-figure business within 5 years– without any team. I call it the SavvyBIZ System and you will get it in its entirety at the SuccessPlus experience.

The elevator to success is out of order. You have to use the step at a time.- Joe Girard

I want to give you the steps to success. You will learn, embrace, and go home with the amazing SavvyBIZ system. Also, you will leave this event with a SavvyBIZ Mindmap for each workshop session. With the amazing SavvyBIZ Mindmaps you will know exactly what actions to take to achieve the success you want in your business and your life.

Hear from SuccessPlus 2013 event participants!

Here is what you will discover at SuccessPlus 2016!

In just 3 days at SuccessPlus 2016 you will walk away with but are not limited to:

Use Speaking to Get Your Choice Clients

Includes my signature "Speak Now Step-by-Step System to Get Known and Get Clients" System. Just follow the steps and you'll start getting in front of your choice clients and the media will be calling you.

Develop a Marketing Plan that Works for You!

Includes a marketing calendar for you to fill in while you are at SuccessPlus 2016 and start using the day you are back in your office.

Grow Your List and Keep Relationships for Life

Learn easy ways to grow your list and stay in touch with your list so they will never forget you. Includes a newsletter template that is easy to use and make publishing a newsletter each month simple.

Put More Money in Your Pocket

Learn how to start looking at your money differently and daily. Includes the amazing Numbers Tracking Tool so you will see every day how you are moving toward your goals and putting more money in your pocket.

Get the Right Things Done Every Day

Stop wasting time wondering what to do each day to grow your business. Discover a step-by-step system to create a laser-like focus to get the right things done every day and watch your business grow with less work.

Meet the Best of What Your Clients Need and Want

Learn how to easily understand the personality and mindset of your clients and better meet their needs. You will sharpen your skills to better articulate your value so you close more sales.

If you are willing to spend 3 days with Elizabeth Hagen and assume responsibility for your success, you can expect results in these areas:

  1. You will be more focused on a daily basis;
  2. You will attract more of the right prospects;
  3. You will have more amazing clients hire you; and
  4. You will create a plan for generating more business.

What happens if I register and then find out I'm not able to attend this fabulous event?

Send a friend or colleague! This weekend is too life-changing to let a seat collect dust. If for some reason you can't make it, your ticket is transferable to a friend or colleague at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Your SuccessPlus 2016 VIP Ticket includes everything below and is only $397.

xxx SuccessPlus Flash Drive with all of the forms/templates from SuccessPlus 2016 PLUS bonus goodies!
xxx Ticket giving you unlimited access to all 3 days of the conference
xxx Ticket to the Networking Party on Saturday night.
xxx Comprehensive handout binder to keep your notes in one place with forms and templates to make your business life easier.
xxx Gifts and tools in each session to enhance your learning.
xxx Accountability partner (if you choose) so you can continue to mastermind on how to use your SavvyBIZ System and keep each other motivated.
xxx This is not a multi-speaker 'sell-a-thon'. You get me for the entire event sharing what I know so you can grow your business and accelerate your success plus amazing information from some select guest experts.

PLUS, your SuccessPlus VIP Ticket includes a one-month later follow-up telegathering where you get to share your successes since SuccessPlus 2016 and ask questions to keep you moving ahead.

Are you ready to join me and other wonderful entrepreneurial women?!!

Yes, Elizabeth! I am SO ready to join you at SuccessPlus 2016. I can't wait spend 3 days to grow my business and become even more extraordinary!

(Total will be $420.82 including SD sales tax)

October 14- 16, 2016
Sioux Falls, SD

SuccessPlus 2016 will be held at the in Sioux Falls, SD.

Clubhouse Hotel and Suites
2320 South Louise Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57106

Room rates:

Standard queen $119 + taxes
One room queen/queen suite $129 + taxes
2 room king suite $149 + taxes

Friday  ·  3-6 pm Saturday  ·  9 am-noon & 3-6 pm Sunday  ·  9 am-noon

I can't wait to meet you in Sioux Falls, SD and help you grow your business with confidence and grace. This will be an event like no other that you attend. You will come wanting to learn to grow your business but you will walk away with a new-found confidence in what you need to share with the world.

Now is your time! Act today!

Keep being extraordinary~~


P.S. This is the time to secure your ticket NOW for SuccessPlus 2016. Your business and your life will never be the same!

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