Step on the bridge

Recently Bruce and I took our granddaughter, Addilynn, to the park for the first time. At first, all she wanted to do was hang on to me.  Anytime I would try to put her down she would fuss and literally hang on to me for dear life.  But the more we tried some of the fun equipment the braver she got.

The best part was when we put her down to walk on a ‘bridge’ in the play equipment.  She very tentatively tried walking on this strange surface but then got braver and braver.  She started walking as fast as she could back and forth, back and forth over the bridge.  She wouldn’t even acknowledge grandpa as she passed him on her journey. You should have seen the big smile on her face as she was so proud of herself.

Aren’t we just like Addi in our life?

We are wary of anything new even if it’s supposed to be fun.  But the minute we step out of our comfort zone (my arms in Addi’s case) and try it then our journey begins.  As we step out in faith we realize whatever ‘it’ is – it’s not as frightening as we thought.

Of course, it helps to have a ‘grandpa’ close by. Someone who has walked this road before.  Someone who has tried it and had success. Someone who is there to catch us if we fall.

What comfort zone are you ready to step out of?

  • Firing a client who you dread going to work with
  • Getting rid of things you don’t need in your office and keep you stuck to the past
  • Raising your rates
  • Setting boundaries around your time and stop letting others take advantage of you
  • Putting together policies for your business and sticking to them
  • Trying to think of everything yourself to grow your business instead of looking to others who have walked this journey before you

If any of these or more are true; please stop.  Staying safe and sound in your comfort zone is exhausting and limits the good work you do for others.

Step out today and step on the bridge.

The biggest difference between entrepreneurs who make it and those who don’t is their confidence. Build your confidence by stepping out of your comfort zone.  Your comfort zone is actually discomforting!

Now is your time.  2012 IS YOUR YEAR

5 Responses to Step on the bridge

  1. Nancy says:

    How true Elizabeth! In fact yesterday I stepped out of my comfort zone and finally told a client I was unable to continue working in the lead position, which had become extremely stressful for me and my family. She took it very well and I felt so relieved. Today I feel like a new person and am ready to get back my life back.
    Thanks for the great tips.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Way to go, Nancy! A new day indeed!

  3. DORIS VOGEL says:

    Well said, darling. brodges all through our long life. Am looking forward to your date with our church to come soon. Bev Schuiteman clued me in — sounds wonderful. Love you, Mom.

  4. Ola Otto says:

    So true, Elizabeth – I so enjoy hearing your reminders….Ola

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