If you're ready to be known as the expert in your community, be recognized as the authority on your topic of expertise, and make more money doing what you love then the Speak Now and Forever Get New Clients Home Study Program is perfect for you.

Are you:

  • Confused by how to market?
  • Wanting new clients but don't know where to find them?
  • Tired of networking events that just take up time?
  • Wanting to make a lot more money?
  • Wanting to help a lot more people?
  • Craving the opportunities to just work with clients that are the exact right fit?
  • Wishing you could speak to more prospective clients but have always been afraid of getting up in front of a group?
  • Excited that what you offer will change people's lives but don't know where to go to let people know about your expertise?
  • Ready to take charge of your business and make things happen?
  • Ready to share your expertise with a lot more people at one time and have tons of fun?
  • Just wanting to get the word out about your expertise so you can help your choice clients?

If you answered 'yes' to at least six of those questions then please keep reading! This program was made for you.

My name is Elizabeth Hagen and I'm an author, speaker, and consultant from Sioux Falls, SD. I want to share with you why I developed this program. When I started my business 8 years ago I knew the benefits of being organized for me - the tools and systems I had learned and used over the past 25 years had changed my life. So I figured it would be very easy to let people know about my business and I was sure that my phone would ring off the hook.

One day I was talking to my friend Reneé who owned a spa that included a small meeting room. She said, "Elizabeth, you should give workshops."

Workshops? I had detested speech class in high school and never thought that I could be a speaker. But, I'm very determined and stubborn. I was going to make a success of this business and I was ready for almost anything!


So I agreed to put a workshop together. She invited her database. I invited the few people in my database. The night before, I thought I was going to be physically ill. I thought, "What am I doing? Why am I doing this?" I would have given anything to call the workshop off.

The thing is that when you promote a workshop and set the time and invite people, you have to show up. That would be pretty embarrassing otherwise.

So I went. There were five attendees. Three were spa staff and there were two other people.

But guess what? I got the best client of my life from this workshop that I was so sure was such a terrible idea.

I went on and gave more and more workshops and every time I spoke I either got a client or another speaking event - and sometimes both. This worked!

What is really amazing is that I now speak all over the country and am a proud member of the National Speakers Association. I would never have thought that this would happen from giving that little workshop 8 years ago!


I know that speaking is the best marketing tool you can do, and it's pretty much free. Also, I want to show you that if I can do this, coming from such a fear of speaking that you can do this to. If you're determined enough - you can do this!

But you don't have to start from scratch like I did! Everything you need to know is right here in my course!

That's why I created the Speak Now and Forever Get New Clients Home Study Program.

Total value of the Speak Now Program is over $370...

You pay only $147!

You may ask "Why are you including all of this with the program?" It's because I want to make sure you succeed, and I can't wait to help your grow your business by using what I consider the #1 marketing strategy - SPEAKING! And, I want to create raving fans for this incredible product so you will tell everyone about it!


See what you get with the Speak Now and Forever Get New Clients Home Study Course and you can decide if you're ready to start being known as the expert in your area and have clients start calling you!

Get the course now!


  • Choosing your topic
  • How to look at life now from the eyes of a speaker
  • Putting together a great introduction and handout
  • Learn how to use a mindmap to prepare a presentation
  • Ideas for great openings and closings
  • Ways to involve the audience and how to use life stories


  • Conquering perfectionism and getting over any fears
  • Look natural in front of the audience
  • How to use show and tells
  • The best activities to get the audience involved
  • Handling Q&A time and great door prize ideas
  • How to collect contact information
  • Best way to sell from the stage



  • How to find places to speak
  • Why giving adult education classes is so smart
  • How to put promotional material together
  • How to charge
  • The best ways to follow-up
  • Start a newsletter and always stay in front of your clients
  • Cool ways to build your database and keep track of prospective clients
  • How to set up a speaker's office



  • Learn how to create a movement in your city so everyone knows you as the expert
  • How to put together and promote your own workshops
  • Get the media to cover your workshops



  • How to turn a speech into a product
  • Develop tips sheets
  • Learn how to easily put together and give a teleclass



  • Speaker's One-Sheet Template
  • Workshop Template
  • Handout examples
  • Intake Form
  • Presentation Packing Checklist
  • Pre-Program Action Plan Checklist
  • Doorprize Form
  • Program Agreement
  • Proposal Form
  • Directions on how to put together a Speaker's Binder to keep track of your engagements
  • Product Package Order Form Example
  • Program Evaluation Form



  • Forms
  • Websites
  • Book Suggestions
  • Suppliers


"Get Rid of Paper Pile-Ups…Once and for All"
Audio Recording

  • Are you ready to get rid of your paper piles? Would you like to see what the color of the top of your desk is? Then you're going to love this bonus CD where I'll teach you how to get rid of your paper piles…forever! ($29 value)


"Fearless Organizing for the Busy Professional" DVD

  • This 2-hour DVD contains a live workshop presented by Elizabeth. See her in her own office explaining the important tools that you need to work in an organized environment. Learn how to organize your office and your life, saving you up to 6 weeks a year! ($69 value)


"Money in Your Pocket" Teleclass Recording


"Creating and Developing Your Marketing Plan" Teleclass Recording


Not only do you get the recordings of all 5 Steps, but you get every Step above—transcribed.


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