Self-Care Sanity: Idea #4 – The Gift of History

4-museumThey say that history repeats itself. I believe that to be true so wouldn’t it be a good idea to see what history can teach us?!

I’m curious to know when you last visited a museum in your city. Do you even know if there is a museum in your city?

It’s easy to do an activity like this when we are on a vacation and exploring a new city but what about our own backyard?  Personally, going to a museum is not the first thing that I think about if I want to take some time off but it’s time to expand my horizons. In downtown Sioux Falls we have the Old Courthouse Museum. I’ve always wanted to see what that is all about after living here for over 25 years!

During my visit imagine my delight when they had a Historic Purse-onality exhibit! I did not know that men used purses far more than women in the early years of the purse.  I had a great time visiting this exhibit along with other exhibits and spending time in the past. But, when I left the museum I was happy to be living in the present!

What are you waiting for?

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