Self-Care Sanity: Idea #3 – The Gift of Your Thoughts

I’m curious.  Do you give yourself time to look back on each day?

3-day-one-app(2)If not, let’s start. Get a beautiful journal or use one of my favorite apps, DayOne, and at the close of each day write down what you did, what you learned, what you did well, and what you could improve.

This is a wonderful way to close the day, whether it was a great day or not so great, so you can give it closure.


It’s also great to look back to remember. Two years ago my dad was in hospice and I was sitting by his chair when I felt something on my hair. I looked down and dad was looking up at me stroking my hair and smiling. One of the best moments in my life. As you can imagine, that was a very stressful time and if I hadn’t written it in my journal I may have forgotten that moment; as special as it was to me.

Give yourself the gift of your thoughts every day.

What are you waiting for?

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