Self-Care Sanity: Idea #23 – The Gift of Gratitude

23-gratitudeHave you thought recently about how truly blessed you are?

Too often we focus on the negative. Where does that get you?

I want you to list 10 things/people/experiences you are grateful for today. Yes, they can be your spouse, children, your business, your home, etc. But then dig deeper. Think about things you take for granted and for which you really should be expressing gratitude. Maybe I should increase the amount to 25 gratitudes!

For example when was the last time you expressed gratitude for the internet? When was the last time you were grateful for your comfortable bed? What about your car?

This is a self-care sanity idea that you will want to make a daily habit. Every night for the last 7+ years I end my day with writing down my gratitudes. Because it’s such a part of my life when I wake up my first thoughts are ones of gratitude.

Start today!

What are you waiting for?

2 Responses to Self-Care Sanity: Idea #23 – The Gift of Gratitude

  1. Janet Barclay says:

    On your advice, I’ve been using the Day One app for a couple of months now. Every night I list three things I’m thankful for and add a photo I’ve taken, if I have a suitable one, or one I’ve found online. It’s wonderful to end each day in an attitude of gratitude!

  2. Elizabeth Hagen says:

    WHen I’m right, I’m right, Janet! I love it, too.

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