Self-Care Sanity: Idea #13 – The Gift of Getting Out of a Rut

13-5k-appRuts can be boring. They happen when you do the same activity over and over and while it may work boredom can set in.

There are also good ruts. Activities you do over and over and you love doing it and you love the results.

Either way, it’s good to mix things up.

One of my great ruts is working out at my Kosama gym early every morning. I love going and the results. But, a rut none the less. How could I mix it up?

For years I’ve admired runners. As I pass them by in my car they seem to effortlessly run and look so darn healthy.

I decided to add running to my health regime and I was scared to death. I’ve never run – ever.

There must be an app for that and there is – I got the 5K Pro app. Then I did nothing because I needed supplies. I got the running shoes, the water bottle belt, the wireless headphone, etc. I was then told the best way to motivate myself to begin was to sign up for a 5K so I would have a date to shoot for – I registered for the 2015 Avera Race Against Breast Cancer. Now I had n13-5k-registrationo more excuses. One morning after working out at Kosama I got all ‘geared’ up, started the app and off I went.

I did it. It’s not easy but with the help of the app and building up the length of the runs each day I got out of the rut of thinking I could never be a runner.

What rut do you need to get out of? Make a decision today and start. You don’t have to do it alone. There’s an app for everything!

What are you waiting for?

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