Run the mile you are in

I am finally back at run-the-mile-you-are-inthe gym. With being sick, travel, and mom’s accident it’s been way too long.

On my first day back I noticed something that has been there for a while but I never saw it.

On the Goal Wall is the phrase ‘run the mile you are in’.

I stopped. Run the mile you are in.

Immediately I thought of all the times I’ve tried to be like someone else. Tried to market my business like they did. Tried to parent like they did. Tried to give presentations like they did.

And, you know what? It never worked. Only when I am running my own mile am I congruent in every way.

I posted this on my Facebook page and a friend of mine commented that when she read it she started thinking about how many times she rehashes her own mile. Or what she did wrong or worrying about tomorrow’s mile.

Good points!

How about if we all get clear on what our mile is and then run like we’ve never run before. And, don’t look back!



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