Organization Tip of the Day

Would you like to save more time? Try these easy time-saving tips:

• Open your mail over the wastebasket or shredder.
• Have an agenda for meetings and stick to it.
• Pay bills once a week and have all your supplies in one place – stamps, envelopes, check register, etc. Or better yet – pay online.
• If you travel a lot keep a makeup bag ready to go with extras of everything that you use.
• Utilize time spent in an airport. Have a mobile office with all your supplies in your computer bag.
• Purchase a month’s worth of birthday cards at one time and use a Tickler File system to make sure you mail them in time.
• Get a cute basket for the remote and train the family to always put it in the basket.
• Keep a notebook and pen by each phone for messages.

2 Responses to Organization Tip of the Day

  1. Kathleen says:

    These are little changes that are easy to make and will make a big difference. I am doing a few ~ but, I see more here that I need to start doing. The travel bag will be a huge help to me. Thanks!

  2. Ola says:

    Like Kathleen, I’m doing a few of these. Have had a separate travel bag for a few years and absolutely love it!! Such a time saver!! Now I’m adding a “second” one – for the quick overnight or two night trips I make to my daughter’s. Fewer things needed, smaller bottles, etc. I keep that suitcase pretty much packed and ready to go – just add clothes and last minute items. The “regular” travel bag, I keep downstairs with our bigger suitcase, ready to be added to for our bigger trips. I love this idea!!

    I think I’ll try the idea for the remotes next – we are ALWAYS looking for it!!

    Super, Elizabeth! Thanks. Ola

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