Organization Tip of the Day

There are a ton of cleaning products out there. You can minimize what you have by purchasing an all-in-one cleaner. Use a caddy with a handle to carry around your cleansers, furniture polish and cleaning rags. Keep cleaners under each bathroom sink and get in the habit of wiping out the sink and cleaning the mirror each morning.

2 Responses to Organization Tip of the Day

  1. Karol H says:

    Love it! Also using the anti-bacterial microfiber cloths really make things simple. You don’t have to have hardly any cleaning products. And I feel like everything is so clean!! And now I have more cupboard space!! And less expense at the store!

  2. Ola Otto says:

    I agree! I just love my carry-around cleaning bucket – so handy, with almost everything I need in it. The hardwood floor cleaner I keep elsewhere – handy for when doing the wood floors. I tuck a couple of the micro-fiber cloths into the corners of my bucket too!

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