Newsletters are not dead

One of the first things I work with my business coaching clients on is to get them to start, and in some cases re-start, doing a newsletter.  

Newsletter are alive and well.   

I can’t think of a more cost effective way to stay in touch with prospects and clients.

If you’re thinking “Elizabeth, I don’t have time for a newsletter”. My response will always be “You don’t have time NOT to have a newsletter.”

Here is why:

  1. Some of our clients take months if not years to decide to work with us.  You will be the first person they think of if they get your newsletter on a regular basis.
  2. A newsletter is a great way to let them know about a special promotion.
  3. A regular newsletter shows you’re the expert they need with your great articles. If you say to me “I’m not a writer” I will respond with “I’m not either but I wrote 2 books.” Where there is a will there is a way.
  4. Show before and after pictures in your newsletter and they’ll know then that ‘yes, you’ve seen everything and their situation is not the worst’.
  5. If someone is thinking about working with you but dragging their feet ask if you can subscribe them to your great newsletter.  It is so important to always have something complimentary to give a prospect.
  6. You can repurpose your newsletter articles into speeches, put in your blog, make into an eBook, and a real book!
  7. Publishing a regular newsletter is a great discipline builder.  This is good for you!

Trust me on this.  I can’t begin to count how many times someone has hired me because I’ve been a consistent part of their life every month.  When will your first issue go out?!

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