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Elizabeth Hagen's SavvyBIZ
September 2015
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Which road will you take? 
Dear Elizabeth,

I’m going to be running my 3rd 5K on Sunday. I have learned to love this ‘running thing’! One reason is it gives me a lot of time to think.


I have mapped out two routes. One is 2.2 miles and one is 3.2 miles which is the length of a 5K. Every time I run I have choices to make as I approach certain intersections.


If I take a right at this intersection I am on the way to my 2.2 mile route. If I go straight I will run the 5K distance.

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Decisions. Decisions.


If I do choose the 3.2 mile route there is a point where I can cut about ¾ of a mile off my run by taking this shortcut. 

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Decision.  Decisions.


When I reach this hill I can walk the whole way, run and walk it, or run the entire hill. Or cut across the yards and skip the hill all together.


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Decisions. Decisions.


This is SO much like what we face each day in growing our business. We can say we are going to make 3 calls today (a 5K) but when the time comes we make 1 and send 2 emails (the 2.2 mile run).


We can decide to look for places to give presentations to share our expertise and get in front of amazing prospects but quit after we put the list together (we take the shortcut).


We decide to spend 3 hours going through our database to find prospects we may have forgotten about and then reach out to them but 2 hours in we get bored and meet a friend for coffee. You gave up on the hill.


Which road will you take today? Both work but one gets you the results you really want.


Thank you for being a subscriber to my "SavvyBIZ Newsletter".  I'm excited to help you get past what may be keeping you stuck and grow your business with confidence. Now is your time!

Keep being extraordinary~~
PS I know these are boring looking pictures. But, that's the deal with most of the tasks we should be doing to grow our business. They are not flashy, pretty, or super thrilling.  They are activities that done repeatedly work. Want to really know what to do each day to grow your business?  Join us at Success Plus 2015 in 2 weeks!
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