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Elizabeth Hagen's SavvyBIZ
October 2014.
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Make what you want to do a way of life
Dear Elizabeth,

I recently attended Mark LeBlanc's Achiever's Conference in La Jolla, CA.  What a fantastic place to hold a conference.  Within 4 blocks of our hotel was the ocean and also countless great restaurants. I had as much fun in the conference as during my free time!

As we were walking to dinner one night the sun was setting over the ocean - it was breathtaking.

One of the themes that ran through Mark's content at the conference was making the tasks we need and want to do in our business and personal life a way of life

There is a huge difference between a habit (where we often let any and all excuses stop us from doing what we need to) and making something a way of life.

When something is a way of life we don't think twice about it.  Some examples from my life are:
  • Going to the gym at 6 am every day I am in town
  • Make three 1:1 prospect phone calls a day 
  • Spend every Friday evening I am in town with my grandchildren 
  • Visiting my mom in Iowa at least once a week 
  • Tracking my marketing activities
  • Using the 'Numbers Tracking Tool' - daily! 
  • Weekly date night with Bruce 
  • Writing every night in my journal and listing at least three gratitudes 

Make something great happen in your work and life by deciding to make the actions you want to do a way of life.

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closed Mark's conference with a talk on trust. 

As entrepreneurs there are so many factors that play into our success such as:  Belief, courage, faith, focus...the list could go on and on.

But a big one is trust.  How can you make trust a way of life?

In my next newsletter for my SavvyBIZ Place members I'm going to give you my 5-part system to making trust a way of life.

Not a SavvyBIZ Place member?  Well, let's take care of that!  Please go to this page and your membership is my gift to you!

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Keep being extraordinary~~
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