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Elizabeth Hagen's SavvyBIZ
November 2014.
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A selection of some of the beautiful cards sent to me.
What do you do when someone lets you know you are wonderful?
Dear Elizabeth,

Why is it (and maybe it's just true for me but I'm betting it's true for others) easier to repeat negative things people say about us then good things?  I have no trouble telling my husband if I get an e-mail that tells me what I'm doing wrong, but I gloss over positive comments that I get.


I love going to the mailbox and receiving notes from others.  I just received a thank you note from someone I sent a copy of my book Confidence:  Now is Your Time. She wrote I loved the 1st chapter I read and laughed about the cute story of your blonde-haired Abby exclaiming she was Korean.  I think this book will cause me to do a lot of self reflection and I think the timing to receive the book was perfect.  

I got a note from another gal for who I had left a voice message and she told me I have left your voice message on my phone - so when I need a little pick me up I listen to you.

Wow!  These made me feel great.  I wanted to share these thoughts with others but then almost stopped.  You see, what if you think I'm bragging by telling you this? That's when I realized that it's must easier to pass on negative comments than positive ones.


Why is that?  For me it goes way back to childhood.  I was told don't let that go to your head or don't think too much of yourself.  

I think that we should let things go to our head and we should think big of our self. If we don't, who is? Not in an egotistical way or bragadocious - but in an affirming way.


Great self-esteem and true confidence comes from within and then we can let that shine on others. I'm not talking about being obnoxious and me, me, me.  I'm saying that it is a good thing to think that we are awesome and to really treasure when other people realize the same thing.


Right now:
Quick, write down 5 fabulous things about yourself. What was your first reaction to that request?  Set those thoughts aside and do it anyway.  Hopefully you'll keep going and write 100 awesome things! You are an amazing person.

Write a thank you card today and tell someone how amazing they are and what they mean to you.


Fun Idea:
One of my coaching clients has a bulletin board in her office full of thank you notes. What a great way to remember the thoughts expressed!


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As entrepreneurs there are so many factors that play into our success such as:  Belief, courage, faith, focus...the list could go on and on.

But a big one is trust.  

In my latest monthly memo for my SavvyBIZ Place members I gave them my 5-Step System to TRUST.  One of the steps is to remember our accomplishments.  

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Thank you for being a subscriber to my "SavvyBIZ Newsletter".  I'm excited to help you grow your business and really own your success. Now is your time!

Keep being extraordinary~~
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