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Elizabeth Hagen's SavvyBIZ
May 2014.
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Addi and obstacle
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An obstacle doesn't need to stop you!

Dear Kim,

Recently Abby saw Ashley and Addilynn on a walk.  Addi was busy mowing the sidewalk with her play lawn mower!

Abby stopped to visit but Addilynn was all about the mowing - she was totally focused on the task at hand.  But she stopped when she came upon an obstacle in her path.  She had some choices:
  • Stay stuck in this spot
  • Retreat and go back
  • Mow over it
  • Pick it up and get it of the way
  • Leave it alone and go around

After contemplating her options for about 2 minutes she chose to go around it.

What do you do when faced with obstacles in growing your business?  Do you let them stop you or do you consider the options and move forward anyway?

Too often we go back the way we came or we stay stuck.

  • She said 'no' last year when I spoke with her on the phone about my services so I won't call her again this year.
  • I tried a direct mail piece and didn't get any clients so this marketing strategy does not work.
  • I gave a presentation but I felt bad 'vibes' from the group so I won't be doing that again.
  • I went to that networking group 5 times and didn't get any referrals - must be a bad group.

What if, instead of letting the obstacles win, you went around them and kept going?  Your clients need you. Your job is to stay focused on what you want and keep moving forward. 

Addi's job was to mow that sidewalk and nothing was going to stop her!

I would love to know how you are conquering your obstacles!  Please post at my blog, on Facebook, or e-mail me.
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Bring me to your chapter or organization!
Austin workshop
In April the NAPO-Austin chapter hosted my "Growing Your Business with Confidence" workshop and it was a huge success!
I present my all-day workshop "Growing Your Business with Confidence" to chapters/organizations/groups whose members want to find more clients, start growing their business, and be more confident in who they are and what they do as a business owner. Is your group ready?
Not only will your members and those they invite change their business but this workshop is set up as a revenue-generating opportunity for your chapter.

Interested?  Contact me and let's find out how we can work together to grow your chapter!
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